Diplomacy works well -  both ways - in promoting cooperation and team spirit to enhance work efficiency and after all not just long lasting business  relationships.


Teamwork and cross-cultural communication: these are not just buzzwords, but tangible facts and part of day to day professional structures. 

KELE Diversity focuses on building intercultural rapport in teams as well as for private or corporate individuals.


Individual coaching settings or workshops with teams can be conducted in English or German language or Bilingual.


Your or the companies benefits of Diversity Coaching are:

• Improved communication skills.

• More effective collaboration in the workplace

• Promoting cooperation and team spirit.

• Development of a team spirit

• Increase work efficiency

• Awareness of (inter) cultural differences

• understanding for cross-departmental differences

• expansion of English language competence


Interculteral Competence

Speaking English - Living in Germany

or vice versa

"Coaching helped me to put matters into perspective and clarified things where I felt confused. It makes things manageable and makes me see the positive.
I have now a clear perspective on things."

Ruvini C., Fujitsu Siemens Computers, Munich



"Imke hat mir eine Leichtigkeit geschenkt, auch in englischsprachigen Meetings souverän und selbstbewusst aufzutreten. Vielen Dank dafür!"

X. Schertges, Projektmanagerin